Tuesday’s Gone

I tried to think of a snappy title for this post, lifting something like my It’s Friday I’m In Love post a while back.  (A Cure classic.)  But as I racked my brain for titles, I couldn’t think of a single Wednesday or Thursday song title.

Any other day of the week?  Sure.

There’s the above-mentioned Cure song, and there’s even that terrible Rebecca Black song Friday (sorry, Rebecca Black).

Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)

Sunday Bloody Sunday, Sunday Morning

Manic Monday, I Don’t Like Mondays

Ruby Tuesday, Tuesday’s Gone (Well, Tuesday is gone, technically, because it’s Wednesday.  Compromise.)

But Wednesday?

Or Thursday?

I’m sure there are songs with these days in the titles.  Maybe even good ones.  Doubtful.  But maybe.

But the point of all of this is, I have some things that I am frothing with happiness about right now.

1) Gossip Girl

I had a whim on Sunday to start watching this show.  I actually fell asleep watching Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday on Saturday.  On the Netflix.  But when I was looking for it to finish it on Sunday morning, Netflix suggested I watch Gossip Girl instead.    Heady with Sunday morning carbs, I agreed.

This people are all hideous

These people are all hideous

It’s addictive. And yes, I already want to know who Gossip Girl is.  Right now, I think it’s Chuck.

But the fashion is great on this show, still not showing its age.  But the technology is. Love their Motorola Razors they are always using to check the GG website.

2) LUSH fresh face masks 

I’ve been in love with these for years, but LUSH isn’t local to Huntington, and you can’t have the face masks shipped because they are that fresh.  Anytime my skin is too dry or starts getting crazy, I make a beeline for these.  They feel amazing and (mostly) smell amazing (not the garlic one, that one is pretty serious).

Image via LUSH's website

Image via LUSH’s website


3) My throwback Marshall hat

I know it’s months before the first Marshall game (about 4 months, to be exact), but yeah.  I’m ready.

Whoop whoop

Whoop whoop


4) Hanging out with the Easter brigade

This husband and wife pair have been hanging out around my yard all week.  They have been intermittently holding the garage hostage for more bread (i.e. they won’t let us in or out until they get their English muffins).

They are so cute and friendly and come when I call them

They are so cute and friendly and come when I call them

5) Cooking almost all of my meals at home

We have been making a concerted effort to eat almost all of our meals at home.  I’ve been trying different recipes out and just trying to use everything we have on hand, which is forcing me to get creative.  I’ve been eating LOTS of eggs.

If the eggturner turns the eggs, who turns the eggturner?

If the eggturner turns the eggs, who turns the eggturner?

6) Finding the silver lining on the day my water pipe burst

The animals kind of loved it, so it seemed.  Any extra attention and love they can get, they are happy for it.  Three adopted babies (with possible abandonment issues and) who are always hungry for treats.

They didn't mind much

They didn’t mind much

7) When I’m not cooking at home, enjoying some authentic (from Chili’s, right?) margaritas

Presidente -- you might be able to run the country after a couple of these

The Presidente — you might be able to run the country after a couple of these


That’s what’s up.

How is spring treating you thus far?  Any big plans for the summer?

Pinterest, Thou Art a Black Hole of Devilry

Unfortunately, I have reached that time in my life. That time when I can’t put it off any longer. I have to redecorate.

We bought our house at the end of last summer, and the exhaustion and shock from actually moving and fitting all of our things into a new house reverberated into the harsh winter. And this winter? Jeezy Chreezy. If you live in the northern half of the continental United States, I think you realize that simply existing this winter was enough to wear you out.

But now, it’s springtime, my internal deadline I gave myself for getting things started. Time to start painting, start potentially ripping up some carpet, time to organize things.

The problem with redecorating is you have to have a vision. You have to have a plan. My house right now has a lot of pink. Like, a lot. Peaches, creams, blushes. It looks like I inherited a Barbie dollhouse, with a bit more lace. Not exactly my style.

But trying to decide something new? Most people would turn to Pinterest. Pinterest scares me. There are too many choices on Pinterest. Pinterest is like a black hole of options. You could literally sit there for years finding “inspiration.”


Ollie is nonplussed.  He would be fine with some acrylic mouse holes pasted on the walls.

Ollie is nonplussed. He would be fine with some acrylic mouse holes pasted on the walls.

So I have some paint swatches and some HGTV magazines. Funny story– I got my HGTV subscription from my best friend when I bought the house. She didn’t tell me what my housewarming present was — just that it was coming in the mail soon. I mentioned it to her one day several weeks later that it had never come, thinking it was lost. Um. Nope. That was the HGTV subscription. I wondered about who paid for the subscription, but I chalked it up to I guessed they gave a subscription to everyone who bought a house….? Truly, in retrospect, that made no sense.

So if you have any ideas about how to get my house in shape that do not involve Pinterest, please pass them along.

Shady Under the Treetops

Sadie opened her eyes and could smell the wet dirt around her. Thick clumps of wet leaves stuck to her face and hair. She had forgotten for a moment where she was. Through the stems, she saw cracks of daylight through the tree canopy. She wasn’t completely covered up, but she was covered enough to make it hard for someone to find her. This had been well-planned.

She could hear a whippoorwill in the treetops. They were a haunted bird. Always sounding a warning. *Whip-o-will, whip-oh-will, whip-or-will,* it implored her. Her grandma always said when the whippoorwill was crying, it was a sign of bad luck. Not that her luck could get much worse. She could tell by the color of the light peeking through to her, twice reflected, through the canopy and then the leaves shielding her face, that it was late afternoon. The sun was starting to dim. She didn’t remember what the local weatherman had said about the forecast for Sunday night. She had been lucky the night before — unseasonably warm for April. But tonight. Anything could happen tonight. It could even snow in April. Then what would she do?

Well, I would probably freeze, she thought. If I didn’t suffocate first. She wasn’t sure how well someone could breathe under snow. She seemed to remember reading something in a book once about how some people would dig holes in the snow to keep from freezing to death, but that might not apply if you couldn’t move your arms or legs.

The whippoorwill continued its song. She had never hated something so much in her life as she hated that bird in that moment. How it was going on with its day, as if she weren’t lying there captive and vulnerable? As if she weren’t thinking about every other thing besides the thing that scared her the most to keep from having another panic attack?

*Whip-o-will, whip-oh-will, whip-or-will.*

At the end, though, was there something else? A voice? She thought for a second perhaps there was someone there. Hello? Hello?! I’m over here! she screamed through a sock that was taped into her mouth, keeping her tongue rooted to its floor. Tied to trees at the wrists and ankles, which had long ago gone to sleep. She felt pinpricks of pins and needles as she tried to move. She moved maybe two inches in any direction. She wasn’t far from the trail, but she didn’t know how far. She tried to move again.


Her left wrist pulled the tree just a smidgeon. Just enough to make it rustle. The other two trees were old, and tall. But he must have been running out of rope on the last one, and he didn’t have the inches to spare to wrap it around a thicker tree.

If she could rustle the tree enough, maybe it would catch somebody’s attention. Just maybe. She could lift her head a bit, too, but she was lying on an incline in a bed of leaves, not to mention the leaves that covered her. Her head throbbed. She knew she was dehydrated. Maybe there was no one there at all. Maybe she was beginning to hallucinate. No, there it was again. “Helloooo!” the voice called out, letting the words hang in the air. She froze completely still. Was that his voice? Maybe he had forgotten where he had put her. Maybe he was lost himself. She laid there, her breath quickening. She didn’t know whether to try to grab his attention or not.

If it was a search party, wouldn’t there be more than one person? she thought to herself. Not if they spread out, she answered herself.

The voice called again, “Hello, Sadieeeeeeee!”

She tried to think where she had heard the voice before, if she had heard the voice before. It sounded almost cheerful. Not the worried tone of someone looking for her because she was missing. No. This was more mocking. She was sure of it.

Then again. “Shad-eey!” the man’s voice called. Sadie tried to quiet the beating of her heart. It felt like it was thumping loud enough for the world to hear it. Certainly loud enough to scare the whippoorwill off its perch. Shady was the nickname her family called her. And some of her friends at school when she was younger. Her little sister had started it because she had a hard time saying Sadie.

Surely no one would know it unless they had known her growing up. As the voice grew stronger, she summoned up her strength and courage, shaking her left wrist with all she had to bow the small tree and making as many noises as her throat would allow. She picked up her head a few inches, as much as she could.

At the same time, the breeze picked up, negating all the efforts she just made. She couldn’t tell if she had even moved the tree at all.

“Shad-eeeeeey!” the voice cried, farther away now. She conserved her energy for when he came closer. A few minutes passed. “Shad-eeey!” he called, even more softly, many yards away now.

The twilight made it harder to see much of anything. Sadie closed her eyes, knowing he wasn’t coming back this way tonight.


Seven Reasons to Weep With Gratitude Today

It’s a new month. It’s a new season. The chill is no longer hovering over us like an unwelcome and totally inappropriate cousin that no one likes.

Spring is here.

Wait, let’s try that again:

Spring is heeeeeeeeere!

I’m so excited for the things that lie ahead.

1) The roadtrips!

From West Virginia to Pennsylvania and California to Arizona

From West Virginia to Pennsylvania and California to Arizona

2) Evening walks with the dog!

Don't mind the manicure

Don’t mind the manicure

3) Beeeeeer!

Beeeer!  (Actually, this is bourbon and these vats are big enough to play Marco Polo in, but bourbon doesn't have the same ring to it.)

(Actually, this is bourbon and these vats are big enough to play Marco Polo in, but bourbon doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

4) Eating more of this butterbeer cake at Jug & Kilt – yes, as in butterbeer from Harry Potter. Yes, it’s the best cake ever.

Eating more of this butterbeer cake at Jug & Kilt (sorry, non-local readers, guess you'll have to make a stop in Huntington, WV on the aforementioned roadtrip).

(Sorry, non-local readers, guess you’ll have to make a stop in Huntington, WV on the aforementioned roadtrip).

5) Cruising around town in dictionary Toms!

Brush up on your vocabulary

Brush up on your vocabulary

6) Game of Thrones starts again this week!

I know Jon Snow knows nothing, but.... don't care.  Also, I turned off my cable, so I will be mooching from anyone and everyone on Sunday nights for the foreseeable future.  Thx!

I know Jon Snow knows nothing, but…. don’t care. Also, I turned off my cable, so I will be mooching from anyone and everyone on Sunday nights for the foreseeable future. Thx!

7) Oh yeah, and time to smell the flowers!

Oh yeah, and time to smell the flowers!

Yay spring! It doesn’t get dark at 4:30 anymore!

Basically, outdoors time is the best! It feeds my soul and makes me less grumpy, less hungry, and essentially a better person!

Kudos to the sun!

Road Trip to Night Vale

Do you know how those fun little things pop up on your radar a few times a year?  Something that just sounds so fun you can’t resist?  Even if it’s a weeknight and you have to work that day, and the next day.  One of the worst things about living in the West Virginia/Ohio/Kentucky tri-state area is that most recreational activities take place a few hours away, which is how you end up driving to Louisville on Wednesday night to watch a live episode of Night Vale!!! Several months ago, my husband and I started putting away laundry together (our most hated chore), and he turned on a podcast for our listening enjoyment.  I was going along, not thinking much about it, matching the blasted socks (there’s always one missing!), and then I realized what I was listening to was incredibly absurd and magnificent.  Probably something about the 5-headed dragon running for mayor (his name is Hiram McDaniels, in case you were wondering).  Perhaps something about the 2-headed quarterback for the high school football team.  Hard to say. But ever since that day, I can say I’m a fan of Night Vale.  The best way I can think to describe it is a comedy…horror show told on the radio… ?  It takes place at the news station and everything is learned via the radio deejay anchor Cecil Shorts who is constantly giving updates about the weird happenings taking place in the town.  And so now it has its own mythology and it’s growing into its own thing with these weird subgroup of people.  So weird.  I saw them last night.  I was one of them.  That’s how I know they’re really weird. WP_20140320_002 But it was an interactive show.  Audience participation required.  I can’t really say much about it (see Audience Rule #1), but it was about The Librarians.  If you’ve listened to Night Vale, you know they are a terrifying sort of creature.  There’s even a tumblr created about the Night Vale librarians. So even though I wanted to do nothing more than hide my face under the pillows this morning when my alarm clock went off (just kidding — who has an alarm clock anymore?), it was worth it for a few hours doing something spontaneous.  I’m still 29 for 6 more months, dammit!  I will act like a wild and crazy 20-something if I feel like it.  (As you can tell, going to a nerdy live theatre show in the middle of the week is as crazy as it gets around here.) Question of the Week: Do you have a favorite podcast?  (All genres welcome!) 

Stop Idolizing Marilyn Monroe

If you idolize Marilyn Monroe at all, we will probably never be friends.  Being an intriguing and undeniably beautiful figure doesn’t mean you should be idolized, yet so many people don’t understand that.

I was standing in a mall yesterday, outside a Swarovski crystal shop.  There was a photo of Miranda Kerr on the wall outside.  I hadn’t noticed the ad until I saw two young girls walked up and started putting their hands on the image.  I was standing close enough to hear some of what they said, but not everything.  I heard them talking about her eyebrows and her hair.  Then they said something else about her eyebrows.  Out of the corner of my eye, I had seen them, but then I turned to actually look at them.  They couldn’t have been more than 12 years old.  They were dressed in casual clothes appropriate for their age.  They weren’t old enough to be in the handbag phase (you know, where you have to have a miniature version of the brand name handbag just like your mom to carry your Lipsmackers and cell phone). They were probably there with one of their moms or an older sister, as they weren’t old enough to drive.

But Miranda Kerr’s eyebrows?  Why her eyebrows?

They are pretty, I guess.  She's a gorgeous woman.

They are pretty, I guess. She’s a gorgeous woman.  Photo credit: Swarovski

So what does all of that have to do with Marilyn Monroe?

It matters because the kids are watching.  Young, impressionable minds who have constant access and bombardment of images never see anyone who looks average, who looks normal. Who looks less than perfect, with or without Photoshop.

And those kids are turning into young women who feel terrible about the way they look for things they can’t change, like not having Miranda Kerr’s eyebrows.

And this is reinforced by the classic beauties like Monroe, who is credited with coining phrases like: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” or:

Did she even say that?

Did she even say that?

What. The. Hell.

How about: Don’t be two-faced — just say what you mean?  Being a girl shouldn’t be just about being pretty.  Wait, being a girl isn’t just about being pretty.

Are you flippin' kiddin' me?

Are you flippin’ kiddin’ me?

She was married three times and was rumored to have had affairs with both John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.  Depending on which version of the story you choose, she either accidentally overdosed, committed suicide, or was somehow forced to swallow too many pills — for an end result of pushing up daisies.

Does that sound like someone worth emulating?  Just because she was pretty?  Because she said coquettish things?  Was she actually classy?  That doesn’t sound like class to me.

What about real people worth idolizing?  Like doctors, scientists, social activists, Olympic athletes?  Those are my type of people.  

Beware the Ides of March (A Photostory)

You’ll have to forgive me that the title has nothing much to do with this post.  I only get to say, “Beware the Ides of March!” once a year, and as a Latin geek, this is a huge deal to me.

You’ll also have to excuse the non-linear nature of tonight’s post — it’s basically my Instagram roundup/favorite things of the week post.  (i.e. I have some pictures from the past week, and I want to share them.)

First of all, did you know they have Harry Potter stamps at the Post Office?!

I had to buy two books!

I had to buy two books!

Seriously, my week was practically made at that point.  I didn’t have to go on.  But yet, I did.  I made my way to Fish’s Eddy homewares in NYC.  Apparently, it’s kind of a big deal.  I had no idea, but the outside looked great, so I thought I would check out the inside.  Look at this gem:

<3 <3 <3

<3 <3 <3

I really need some gay weddings to attend, because I really want to have an excuse to buy these.  Get with the program, West Virginia!  I thought this shot was a little too perfect to pass up:

Rainbows and unicorns

Rainbows and unicorns

I loved the color in the window on the way to dinner.  Couldn’t walk by it.  I also couldn’t walk by this without talking a shot:

This was just like the Pick Up Stix game

This was just like the Pick Up Stix game

My sole souvenir from the trip was from the Fish’s Eddy:

This was my souvenir from the trip: from the Fish's Eddy

Rest in Grease

And then I made a Peep Diorama for the American Bar Association contest.  Yes, these are cannibalistic Peeps:

And then I made a Peep Diorama for the American Bar Association contest.  R v. Dudley and Stephens

R v. Dudley and Stephens

It’s a pretty interesting story about 4 sailors who are shipwrecked, have to fight off sharks in their flimsy lifeboat, and end up eating one of their party to keep from starving in the coming days.  (Sacrifice one so that the others can live!)  But then they are rescued and charged with murder.  (Uh-oh!)

So that’s my week in a nutshell.  What about yours?  Have any fun photos to share?  I’m new to Instagram (yes, I know I’m just joining 2011), but I’m looking for beautimous and/or interesting accounts to follow!


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