Why Rihanna Should Be Ashamed of Herself

Besides the fact that her music is inane, catchy but inane, she should be ashamed of herself.  Ashamed of herself for the transparent game she is playing with the public about whether she has resumed a relationship with a guy that severely battered her 3 years ago.

I mean, pop stars aren’t known for their brain power– more for their looks, dance moves and (hopefully) their voices.  And when they have public meltdowns (Britney Spears), relationship breakdowns (Katy Perry/Russell Brand), or just plain lose their mind (Madonna, how’s that fake English accent and 12 hours of yoga a day working out for ya? — pretty well, I guess, but still), it has come to be an American pastime of watching these rich, famous and beautiful people unravel in small ways.  They have problems, just like us, I suppose is the thought.


Britney Spears Shaving Her Own Head in 2007 via Snarkerati.com

Somehow it makes them more human, more vulnerable to know that they can’t have it all.  No one can have it all.

Unless you can.  Rihanna is one of the most successful pop stars on the planet right now.  She is gorgeous, and her songs are constantly on the radio.  Jay-Z is her boss/investor/backer/whatever you call it — he discovered her and makes a ton of money off of her success.  But of course that runs both ways because he gives her a certain credibility that she would otherwise lack in the music industry.  She actually probably could have it all.  But she doesn’t.  Self-destructive tendencies or just plain self-consciousness, she has apparently reconciled with Chris Brown.  Brown is a pop star in his own right, somehow becoming more popular since he famously beat Rihanna in 2009.  The rumor is that she asked him about other women that he was flirting with, and he apparently decided to beat her over it.  Who knows what really happened, but pictures showed up on the Internet a day or two later showing Rihanna’s bruised and battered face.  I’m not going to post the pictures here because they are disgusting, but suffice to say, she looked bad.  And quite simply, there is nothing a person can say or do that would warrant hitting someone with malice.  Consider that, and consider that he apparently did it to her repeatedly.  It wasn’t an accident.  Her face was mangled.

So they were separated by a restraining order.  She was not to see him or speak to him (although rumors abounded that they did not even abide by that).

After the restraining order was lifted, they collaborated on a song together.  They have been spotted together at the same parties and celebrity hotspots over the last few months. Rihanna and Chris Brown both say they are not dating, but Rihanna tweeted a picture of him lying in bed over the weekend.

So whether you want to call it dating, or just hanging out, whatever, it is obvious that something is going on between the two of them.  And although it really isn’t anyone’s business, they are public figures, so it becomes a public topic.  In the 21st Century, when we pay the .99 cents on iTunes for “Umbrella,” Rihanna is implicitly selling to us a ticket to watch the Rihanna Private Life Show.  When she lets the paps takes pictures, she makes it louder.  When she tweets about it, she makes it loudest.

Really what it boils down to is this: It looks just like the domestic violence cycle being played out in the public eye.  Man abuses woman, woman leaves, receives court intervention, court intervention is lifted, woman realizes man really “loves” her, and she gets back together with him.  In the tragic domestic abuse cycle that repeats itself in too many homes, he will likely abuse her again.  Hopefully not, of course, but in this particular instance, Chris Brown does not seem terribly repentant about what he has done.

So while Chris Brown is a disgusting human being, Rihanna should be ashamed of herself for giving him a second chance.  Little girls and teen girls (and big girls) everywhere look up to her as a role model because of her beauty and her voice.  With her actions, she is telling them that she is not good enough.  If she’s not good enough, then what are those girls going to think they are?  

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