Lazy Sunday Drive

After our trip into the redwoods, we headed down Pacific Highway 1 to Sonoma County, California.  Getting to the Pacific Highway from Highway 101 is an adventure in itself. You can’t drive very quickly unless you want to careen off into a canyon and to your certain death.  I mean, I guess that’s a romantic way to go, but if you’re inclined to that sort of dramatic exit, you’ll probably try your best to get to the actual ocean so you can sail off a cliff there to your certain death.

Once you get there (assuming safely– hopefully you aren’t being taken apart by a hungry bear at the bottom of a ravine), you are greeted with this view:

Well worth the risk, in my opinion
Well worth the risk, in my opinion

I had never so much as stuck a toe in the Pacific Ocean before this trip.  The air was cold, and the water colder.  The only people in the water were in full wetsuits down over the cliffs:

A few black dots in the ocean
A few black dots in the ocean. . .  Can you even see them?

The rocks on the beach were gorgeous.  We don’t have these rocks on the southeastern or Gulf shores, y’all.

One of my favorite rocks near Fort Bragg...
One of my favorite rocks near Fort Bragg…

One mystery that we didn’t solve, however, was what the heck are the massive tubes rolled into balls?  Some type of seaweed?  If anyone out there knows, please drop a girl a line:

Yuck.  There were tons of these on the beach.  Tons.

The drive back down the Coast was long, but gorgeous. Perfect for the lazy Sunday on which we visited.  We made it back to Sonoma just in time to catch a little daylight and dinner before getting some sleep.

Where is your favorite place to take a lazy drive?